Kingdom Focused Summit 2020

Modeling Leadership Through

Faith, Family, and Business

Oct. 22nd, 2020 || Doors Open @ 8am

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It's all around us, but more often than not, it's a challenge we deal with rather than an opportunity to seize for our growth and those we influence.

Regardless of where we are in life personally or professionally, knowing how to model leadership effectively will make us stronger.

If you want to decrease your stress and improve your leadership for your family and professional teams, you'll want to be in the room to hear these great speakers and network with others like you!

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Speakers Scheduled to Appear

Preston Poore

Preston has a strong desire to build extraordinary Christian leaders. He will be sharing on his experiences as a Fortune 100 executive with organizations like Coca-Cola & Hershey's, as well as ownership in a small business.

Pastor Steve Cuss

As the author of 'Managing Leadership Anxiety', Pastor Steve sees how much pressure leaders carry.  His focus is to bring relief by equipping people with tools for individual and team health.

Steve Wolgemuth

From Olympic caliber equestrian hopeful to small business CEO, Steve has displayed his leadership in several arenas through the years.  He will share from his new, Axiom Award Gold Medal winning book, 'The Crucial 12: Powerful Insights for Marketing Leadership'.

Soraya Gutman

Soraya founded, successfully grew, and then sold her business advisory firm, Morgan Business Solutions. Soraya is a TEDx speaker, an Adjunct Professor at Penn State and CEO of Cross Talks, a one-of-a-kind mastermind for business owners on the cusp of growth, all with a Biblical perspective.

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